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Our Committees

The best way to get involved in Catalyze SV is to check out one of our two Committees helping lead our work!


Catalyze SV (CSV)'s two volunteer committees meet once a month for 1-2 hours, tops. Our staff operates them and emails agendas to subscribers a week in advance. Everyone is welcome to attend any committee meeting at any time.

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Community Engagement

Shapes the community engagement process around development to make it more inclusive, transparent & collaborative. We talk about how CSV, city government & developers can bring more people to the table to discuss development in a way that's engaging & constructive. We also plan educational events. If you like thinking creatively about how to enhance development conversations, this Committee is super!

The 3rd Thursday of every month
7:00 - 8:45 pm
Currently held virtually via Zoom because of the virus. Email us for the agenda.



Project Advocacy Committee

Identifies, vets & advocates around proposed new development projects. At meetings, we invite developers to present their proposed projects. We ask them questions, discuss, and then score those projects. Our scores set the table for our advocacy around projects. If you like envisioning & advocating for better developments in our Valley, this Committee is a fantastic fit for you!

The 4th Wednesday of every month
6:30 - 8:30 pm
Currently held virtually via Zoom because of the virus. Email us for the agenda or watch the developer's presentation live on our Facebook page.



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