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More Info on Donating

Social Good Fund is the Fiscal Sponsor for Catalyze SV


Instead of creating a new nonprofit to handle the funds (which can be costly and cumbersome for a new group), Catalyze SV partners with the existing nonprofit organization Social Good Fund to "fiscally sponsor" us. This means Social Good Fund created a separate account/fund dedicated exclusively to Catalyze SV (you could think of it as a parent company). In exchange, Social Good Fund takes 8% percentage of the money donated to Catalyze SV to recover some of its expenses for managing Catalyze SV's account (think back-office functions such as accounting). This allows Catalyze SV to focus more effort on its community work & less on administrative tasks. A fee is a common practice for fiscal sponsorship. Click here for more background information on fiscal sponsorship. 


Donating to Catalyze SV by Credit Card Online


When you donate by credit card online, your credit card statement will read "Social Good Fund." Social Good Fund uses the entity Flipcause to collect online donations. Flipcause takes 4.9% as its fee for processing the donation.

However, if you check the box I'd like to cover the processing fee so 100% of my contribution goes to Social Good Fund, all of your donation will go directly and exclusively to supporting Catalyze SV. Otherwise, 96.1% will go directly and exclusively to supporting Catalyze SV. 


Donating to Catalyze SV by Check


Please write "Catalyze SV" in the "Memo" section of your check to ensure Catalyze SV receives the funding and make the check out to "Social Good Fund." Again, please make sure you write "Catalyze SV" on the memo line. You can send checks to our fiscal sponsor's PO Box: Attn: Social Good Fund, P.O. Box 5473, Richmond, CA 94805.

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