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1301 West San Carlos Street


1301 W. San Carlos St, San Jose, CA 95126

Project Overview

• Project Type: Market-rate Housing + Commercial

• Owner/Developer: The Core Companies

• Presented to our members: August 2019

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1301 West San Carlos Street Project Scorecard
Project Overview:

1301 West San Carlos Street by The Core Companies includes 230 homes, of which 15% would be set aside for affordable housing. It also includes 3,600 square feet of retail, 186 parking spaces for cars & motorcycles, 234 for bikes, and is along a commercial corridor and bus transit line. Project Update: The Core Companies have decided to not move forward with this project.

1301 West San Carlos Street scored an overall 3.8 out of 5 from our Project Advocacy Committee members.

Community Score: N/A/5

We commend and thank The Core Companies for presenting to Catalyze SV before formally submitting its first proposal to the City. Since we’re one of the first groups to hear this proposal at such an early stage, we may choose to score this category at a later date.

Vibrancy Score: 4/5

Though we would like even more retail as part of this project, we’re glad this proposal includes retail on San Carlos Street with a small plaza in front of it because it is along a commercial corridor undergoing reinvention. We like the wider sidewalk and bigger setback the developer is proposing. Catalyze SV recognizes that the design of this proposal is promising. We commend The Core Companies for expressing interest in bringing in a local artist to create art as part of this project; we urge the developer to follow through on its fantastic idea. We’d also like to learn more about how the developer intends to activate the courtyards.


Transportation Score: 4/5

We like the 50% parking reduction proposed by the developer and the use of stacked parking technology. We like the amount of bike parking & the bike repair space. We would like to hear more about a transportation demand management plan for this project. The project could be improved by having a pull-out for deliveries and rideshare, transit passes for residents, and below-grade parking instead of ground level.


Intensity/Zoning Score: 5/5

The project reaches the upper limit of the density & height limits for the projects zoning designation.


Sustainability Score: 3/5

We like the solar water heating the developer has proposed. For this project, we would like to see the developer go beyond the City of San Jose’s minimum requirement of a LEED Silver certification. Catalyze SV encourages The Core Companies to add low-cost, simple sustainability measures such as using native plants, installing permeable hardscapes, and reducing construction waste.


Affordability Score: 3/5

We are grateful The Core Companies is proposing to choose building 15% affordable housing onsite. We would score this category higher if the developer built more than 15% affordable housing onsite, or if it served lower-income residents at a lower AMI level. One of the neighborhood-serving businesses that could be displaced by the redevelopment of the site is a well-liked taqueria. We would love to see the developer attempt to bring this business back to the new site.


Legacy Score: N/A /5

Members of Catalyze SV didn’t think this category was applicable to this site.

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