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605 South Second Street


605 S 2nd Street, San Jose, CA 95112

Project Overview

• Project Type: Affordable Housing

• Owner/Developer: Roygbiv Real Estate Development LLC

• Presented to our members: June 2021

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605 South Second Street Project Scorecard
Project Overview:

605 South Second Street by Roygbiv Real Estate Development LLC includes 358 affordable apartments on 0.29 acres in Downtown San Jose. This building features a mixture of studio and up to 3-bedroom units, as well as on-site amenities including a fitness room, rooftop seating space, and a community room. It will have 97 underground parking spaces for cars, 90 for bikes, & is within a 10-minute walk of frequent VTA Light Rail & multiple frequent bus lines.

605 South Second Street scored an overall 4.25 out of 5 from our Project Advocacy Committee members.

Community Score: N/A/5

Our members decided this project is too early in the process to provide a score on community engagement. We believe Roygbiv Real Estate Development LLC should go beyond the City requirement and engage local businesses and nonprofits. As the development brings on an affordable housing partner, we hope to see outreach to potential residents. We expect 605 South Send Street to consider including feedback elements in the final design based on this community engagement.

Vibrancy Score: 3/5

Our members appreciate this project increasing vibrancy downtown by adding hundreds of new residents, but we believe more should be done on the street level to revitalize the area. We appreciate the on-site amenities for the affordable housing residents, including a fitness room, a community room, space for after-school or daycare programs, and rooftop open space. While we understand that this project occupies a small lot, our members would like to see an activated ground floor that provides more safety through eyes on the street. For instance, ground floor commercial space would serve the hundreds of new residents of 605 South Second Street. Improvements to the building exterior, including larger windows and an inviting facade, could make the project more open to the neighborhood. Our members would also like to see outdoor seating, especially on the wider East Reed Street sidewalk.


Transportation Score: N/A/5

While our members believe the 605 South Second Street project takes the right approach to parking, they would like more information on the Transportation Demand Management (TDM) plan before scoring. With 96 unbundled parking spaces (0.27 spaces per unit) located underground in stackers, 605 S. Second Street focuses on mobility that does not require a personal automobile. As a detailed TDM plan is developed, we hope VTA SmartPasses are considered as residential amenities in this transit-oriented location. Our members believe that 90 secure bike parking spaces is insufficient, but the suggested in-unit bike wall-mounts storage would be a good substitute for additional bike parking. Additionally, our members would like to see a designated rideshare and delivery drop-off area as these services are critical for low-income residents. Our members believe that it would also be beneficial for this designated rideshare and delivery drop off area to incorporate access to restroom facilities for these drivers.


Intensity/Zoning Score: 5/5

605 South Second Street goes above and beyond by building to the maximum height allowed (290 ft) and utilizing California’s density bonus law to further increase the maximum number of dwelling units. With 358 units on 0.29 acres (1,220 dwelling units per acre), our members are incredibly excited to see this dense housing move forward and hope it can become a model for future housing at downtown locations throughout Silicon Valley.


Sustainability Score: 4/5

We believe Roygbiv Real Estate Development LLC is making a genuine effort to make 605 South Second Street sustainable. Our members appreciate the electric appliances, rooftop solar, and the consideration of solar glass on the windows. While the development meets San Jose’s LEED Silver building standard, we hope to see LEED Gold or Platinum achieved.


Affordability Score: 3/5

Our members are pleased to see this 100% affordable housing project include a mix of units from studios to 3-bedroom apartments for families. We are also glad that the on-site amenities include a small playground and daycare/after-school homework room to benefit low-income families. As we understand it, the development will provide units to residents making on average 60% of the Area Median Income. Our members believe this offers a good mix of affordability and hope to see this level of affordability maintained as an operator is identified.


Legacy Score: N/A /5

Members of Catalyze SV didn’t think this category was applicable to this site.

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