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Ayer Station


447 North 1st St, San Jose, CA 95112

Project Overview

• Project Type: Market-rate, Affordable + Special Needs Housing

• Owner/Developer: The Kelsey

• Presented to our members: May 2019

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Ayer Station Project Scorecard
Project Overview:

Ayer Station by The Kelsey includes 115 dwelling units (89 affordable and 26 market rate) of which 28 are for developmentally disabled and/or disabled persons. The plan includes an 8,000 square foot community kitchen, 21 parking spaces on-site, and is adjacent to VTA’s Japantown/Ayer station. Project Update: VTA Transit passes have been added for residents and total community space has increased.

Ayer Station scored an overall 4.3 out of 5 from our Project Advocacy Committee members.

Community Score: 5/5

The developer has voluntarily reached out to the community on multiple occasions. They are proposing a robust community engagement effort that can be an example for other developers. As The Kelsey continues with community engagement, we would like to see follow through in incorporating community feedback into the project.

Vibrancy Score: 4/5

Catalyze SV encourages The Kelsey to commit to perpetual public access for its community room and sensory garden in the future. Without any retail spaces, these are the only public connection to the neighborhood. Hosting public events/workshops/art events and partnering with neighborhood groups is a great way to build roots in the community.


Transportation Score: 4/5

The project reduces car parking with a robust transportation plan including shuttles, bikes, carshare and more. Offering transit passes to all self-sufficient tenants would greatly improve resident independence and is a highly recommended improvement. Understanding the need for security, opening the carshare to the public would be an additional improvement recommended by Catalyze SV.


Intensity/Zoning Score: 4/5

The project reaches the upper limit of the density limits for the projects zoning designation. Limiting the building to 5-stories appears to unfortunately constrain the size of rooms and dwelling units in the project. Going taller would allow more space and further the human dignity of the residents and allow for expanded amenity space/ground floor activation. Catalyze SV feels the resident experience is very important and support pushing back on any political resistance.


Sustainability Score: 4/5

The Kelsey mentioned interest in pursuing many measures of the LEED and WELL standards. Better interior environments are not only important for sustainability but critical for the medical needs of the target tenants. Catalyze SV encourages The Kelsey to include exterior and building measures such as native landscaping, rainwater capture, well insulated walls and windows, efficient HVAC and electrical systems and significant diversion of construction waste.


Affordability Score: 5/5

The project has a high number of affordable homes and homes for critically important developmentally disabled residents. The Kelsey innovatively taps includes market rate units to help fund the project and minimize public subsidies. This is a great example of inclusive mixed-income development and allows for accelerated delivery of the urgently needed units and efficient use of limited public funds.


Legacy Score: N/A /5

Members of Catalyze SV didn’t think this category was applicable to this site.

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