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Osgood Road

In Design

42021 Osgood Rd, Fremont, CA 94539

Project Overview

• Project Type: 100% Affordable

• Owner/Developer: MidPen Housing

• Presented to our members: March 2024

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Osgood Road Project Scorecard
Project Overview:

Osgood Road is a 100% affordable housing project from MidPen Housing. The project features a six-story building with two floors of parking and four levels of apartments. Construction will be split into two phases. Phase one will construct 120 units and require the demolition of an existing commercial building, and phase two will add another 110 units for a total of 230 units. These units will serve households earning up to 60% of the area median income (AMI) and will come in a mix of sizes to serve families. The project is within close proximity to the future Irvington BART Station site and has a 1:1 parking ratio. Additional project amenities include after-school programming, indoor common areas, and an interior courtyard.

Osgood Road scored an overall out of 5 from our Project Advocacy Committee members.


Members of Catalyze SV recognize that the developer has made a decent effort to connect with the surrounding businesses. However, members of CSV and FFE alike hope to see MidPen expand the scope of its outreach to include other community groups, such as neighbors and potential future residents. Several members of FFE noted that they live in the project’s immediate vicinity and have not received any notices regarding outreach events. They suggest that MidPen should create wider-reaching opportunities for external community involvement.


Members from both organizations agree the developer needs to invest more resources in designing elements that will enhance the overall vibrancy of the project. Notably, members of FFE highlight the vital role that green space can play in fostering healthy and lively spaces. As the project is geared toward families, the site should have some kind of soft impact play surface, such as grass, for children to utilize. Additionally, the stretch of sidewalk between the road and the project itself could be significantly improved with green elements. Despite the site being so walkable to a future BART station, the current roadside walking conditions are not very pleasant. To improve conditions, the developer should explore setting the walkway further away from the travel lanes and separating the two modes of travel with a green strip of planted trees. MidPen is encouraged to explore options for enhancing the site's vibrancy. Some suggestions include providing units with direct access to the interior courtyard and creating space for commercial uses such as a corner store. The project lacks—and is isolated from—commercial and retail spaces. Members understand this has the potential to change as the surrounding area further develops but would like to see the project take a proactive role in this process.



Located just south of Fremont’s future BART station, the project is well-positioned to reap the advantages of frequent, high-capacity public transportation. The building is only a seven-minute walk from the planned station's entrance. Active transportation options in the project’s neighborhood could be greatly improved. Given the present-day transportation options, members of Catalyze SV and Fremont for Evyerone find the one-to-one parking ratio sufficient but would like to see improvement in the walkability and bikeability of the project. Other members of Fremont for Everyone would like to see the number of parking stalls for private vehicles increased to better accommodate families with multiple cars and visitors. To encourage active transportation and development along the Osgood Road corridor, Fremont should consider working with MidPen and future developers to upgrade the existing Class II bikeway into a Class IV protected bikeway. Currently, the Class IV protected bikeway running the length of Driscoll Road only extends a few yards past Washington Boulevard, where Driscoll transitions into Osgood. Continuing this Class IV all the way down the whole length of Osgood would significantly improve bicycle access. Regarding buses, Fremont for Everyone and Catalyze SV want to encourage MidPen to participate in AC Transit’s Easy Pass program to provide residents with easy access to transportation at a reduced cost.



MidPen Housing's proposal goes beyond the density allowed at this site under Fremont’s zoning code by taking advantage of California’s Density Bonus Law and Fremont’s Transit-Oriented Development overlay. Under the Density Bonus Law and TOD overlay, Osgood Road has a proposed density of roughly 115 dwelling units per acre, a feat that members of Catalyze SV applaud. While some were also impressed by the project’s density, members of Fremont for Everyone emphasize the importance of ensuring adequate infrastructure for a project of this scope. Other members of FFE express that density should not detract from the project's livability and highlight the importance of providing abundant green and open space for residents. Well-designed open space benefits everyone but is especially important for young minds. As a project geared toward families, providing safe and open-air spaces for children to exert energy and play is necessary.



This project meets Fremont’s solar requirements, and members of both CSV and FFE agree the solar component is among the project’s most promising sustainability features. Other CSV members also highlight the importance of MidPen’s decision to utilize drought-resistant landscaping. While satisfied with the project’s current level of sustainability, members suggest that the developer pursue a green construction certification from LEED or GreenPoint.



As a project providing 100% affordable units, members of both organizations are excited to see such a project under development in Fremont. However, members from both organizations want to see MidPen establish the exact Area Median Income ranges for the units and provide those figures in a future update. While members do not have an exact recommendation regarding the distribution of units, they hope it will reflect a diverse mix of income levels.



Most of our members feel this category did not apply to this site.

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