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Sustainable Features

To make developments as sustainable as possible, thus minimizing their impact on the existing environment, new and refurbished projects should incorporate “green features” into how projects are built and function.


Sustainable features of a building could include:

  • drought-tolerant landscaping

  • energy-efficient appliances​

  • greater water efficiency through rainwater runoff systems

  • developing outside of, or to at least account for, areas prone to fires or flooding

  • how the building is heated, ventilated (indoor air quality) and cooled

  • how the building uses natural light versus electricity

  • what paint, flooring and furniture a building uses

  • solar panels

  • sustainable building materials used in construction

  • recycling construction waste

  • electric vehicle charging stations​

  • green space on site, such as a community garden or park

  • smart grids, recycled water

  • energy storage

Sustainability is one of our Values.

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